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SoCS 2014: The Seventh Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search

Preliminary Program

Friday, August 15

16:00-18:00 Registration
18:00-19:00 Welcome Drink
19:00-21:00 Dinner

Saturday, August 16

08:15-08:45 Registration
08:45-09:00 Opening Remarks
09:00-09:50 Invited Talk: Past, Present, Parallel: Heuristic Search in a Changing Computer World
Alexander Reinefeld
09:50-10:50 Session I: Heuristics and Pattern Databases (session chair: Stefan Edelkamp)
  • Exploiting the Rubik's Cube 12-edge PDB by Combining Partial Pattern Databases and Bloom Filters
    Nathan Sturtevant, Ariel Felner and Malte Helmert
  • Non-Linear Merging Strategies for Merge-and-Shrink Based on Variable Interactions
    Gaojian Fan, Martin Mueller and Robert Holte
  • Beyond Static Mini-Bucket: Initial Results on Comparing and Integrating with Iterative Cost-Shifting Based Heuristics
    William Lam, Kalev Kask, Rina Dechter and Alexander Ihler
10:50-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-12:40 Session II: Planning and SAT (session chair: Roman Barták)
  • Hybrid Planning Heuristics Based on Task Decomposition Graphs
    Pascal Bercher, Shawn Keen and Susanne Biundo
  • Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Classical Planning
    Tim Schulte and Thomas Keller
  • On Different Strategies for Eliminating Redundant Actions from Plans
    Tomáš Balyo, Lukáš Chrpa and Asma Kilani
  • Handling All Unit Propagation Reasons in Branch and Bound Max-SAT Solvers
    André Abramé and Djamal Habet
12:40-14:00 Lunch Break (and poster setup)
14:00-15:20 Session III: A* and Algorithm Selection (session chair: Malte Helmert)
  • Speedy versus Greedy Search
    Christopher Wilt and Wheeler Ruml
  • Anytime Tree-Restoring Weighted A* Graph Search
    Kalin Gochev, Alla Safonova and Maxim Likhachev
  • Latent Features for Algorithm Selection
    Yuri Malitsky and Barry O'Sullivan
  • ReACT: Real-time Algorithm Configuration through Tournaments
    Tadhg Fitzgerald, Yuri Malitsky, Barry O'Sullivan and Kevin Tierney
15:20-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-16:10 Position Paper and Discussion
  • How Do You Know that Your Search Algorithm and Code are Correct?
    Richard Korf
  • 16:10-17:05 Session IV: Poster Spotlights (session chair: Wheeler Ruml)
    • The Application of Pareto Local Search to the Single-objective Quadratic Assignment Problem
      Abdullah Alsheddy
    • Improved Heuristic Search for Computing Sparse Data Structures for Motion Planning
      Andrew Dobson and Kostas Bekris
    • Solving the Target-Value Search Problem
      Carlos Linares López, Roni Stern and Ariel Felner
    • STLS: Cutset-Driven Local Search For MPE
      Alon Milchgrub and Rina Dechter
    • Toward a Search Strategy for Anytime Search in Linear Space using Depth-First Branch and Bound
      Carlos Hernández Ulloa and Jorge Baier
    • Multi-Heuristic A*
      Sandip Aine, Siddharth Swaminathan, Venkatraman Narayanan, Victor Hwang and Maxim Likhachev
    • Symbolic and Explicit Search Hybrid through Perfect Hash Functions - A Case Study in Connect Four
      Stefan Edelkamp, Peter Kissmann and Martha Rohte
    • Solving Single Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Problems with Time Windows and Capacity Constraints using Nested Monte-Carlo Search
      Stefan Edelkamp and Max Gath
    • Exponential Deepening A* for Real-Time Agent-Centered Search
      Guni Sharon, Ariel Felner and Nathan Sturtevant
    • Identifying Hierarchies for Fast Optimal Search
      Tansel Uras and Sven Koenig
    • Past, Present, and Future: An Optimal Online Algorithm for Single-Player GDL-II Games
      Florian Geißer, Thomas Keller, and Robert Mattmüller
    17:05-18:30 Poster Session
    19:00 Meeting point for conference dinner by the main hotel reception
    20:00-21:30 Conference Dinner (outside venue)

    August 17

    09:00-09:50 Invited Talk: Research Directions for Path Planning with A*
    Sven Koenig
    09:50-10:50 Session V: Optimization (session chair: Roni Stern)
    • On the Attainability of NK Landscapes Global Optima
      Matthieu Basseur, Adrien Goeffon, Frédéric Lardeux, Frédéric Saubion and Vincent Vigneron
    • Bounded Suboptimal Search in Linear Space: New Results
      Matthew Hatem and Wheeler Ruml
    • Evaluating Weighted DFS Branch and Bound over Graphical Models
      Natalia Flerova, Radu Marinescu and Rina Dechter
    10:50-11:20 Coffee Break
    11:20-12:40 Session VI: Heuristic Search (session chair: Richard Korf)
    • Max is More than Min: Solving Maximization Problems with Heuristic Search
      Roni Stern, Scott Kiesel, Rami Puzis, Ariel Felner and Wheeler Ruml
    • Estimating the Size of Heuristic Search Expanded Graphs
      Levi Lelis, Roni Stern and Nathan Sturtevant
    • Reaching the Goal in Real-Time Heuristic Search: Scrubbing Behavior is Unavoidable
      Nathan Sturtevant and Vadim Bulitko
    • A* with Lookahead Re-evaluated
      Zhaoxing Bu, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner and Robert Holte
    12:40-14:00 Lunch Break
    14:00-15:20 Session VII: Search in Applications (session chair: Sven Koenig)
    • Time-Bounded Best-First Search
      Carlos Hernández Ulloa, Roberto Javier Asín Achá and Jorge Baier
    • Suboptimal Variants of Multi-Agent Pathfinding Algorithms
      Max Barer, Guni Sharon, Roni Stern and Ariel Felner
    • Extended Framework for Target Oriented Network Intelligence Collection
      Liron Samama, Rami Puzis, Roni Stern and Ariel Felner
    • Fast First-Move Queries through Run Length Encoding
      Ben Strasser, Daniel Harabor and Adi Botea
    15:20-15:50 Coffee Break
    15:50-17:00 Community Meeting, Award Ceremony, Closing Remarks

    Optional transport to the ECAI venue. The participants will be given instructions how to get to the ECAI venue, but no transport will be organized (there is a direct connection by metro).